Dreams Come True [Mexibog Destiny Show]

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, I have a dream that someday our sons and daughters will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. And now, we see the likes of Barak Obama becoming president in America today just because someone had a dream. Incidentally, I had the privilege of getting close and personal in an interview session with a young man who also had a dream; I’ve known this guy for over twenty three years now; we were classmates in secondary school; we also did attend the same university, but he made a striking statement in our high school days. He said, “Up there is where I belong”. And I’ve watched this guy live his dream. He is a Pilot, a captain with one of the leading Airlines in Nigeria.

All the way from Lagos Nigeria, a man of high moral integrity; a man of exceptional characteristic discipline; a life dream achiever; a Captain with one of the leading Airlines in Nigeria – Arik Air; Captain Adedotun Oshagbemi in my interview with him said, he personally operates by what he refers to as the Five Ds (5Ds) and they include:

Divine, Dreams, Desire, Diligence and Destiny (watch the video above for more on the interview)

Dreams are powerful! There are no limits in life except the limits you place on yourself by your dreams. We live in a dreamers’ world! If you’re not dreaming, you are joking. I mean you’re joking with your destiny. Life is to be lived, not to be observed. The people you’re clapping for are not more talented than you. In a typical football stadium that sits forty thousand people; forty thousand people are chanting, shouting and screaming while twenty two people are on the field playing. No one gets a prize for being a spectator; you’ve got to be out there on the field playing. You don’t watch life move on, you give life meaning.

So where do you see yourself in the next five years? How much money would you be having in your bank account? You’ve got to think big. You must go for big dreams; colossal dreams; dreams that are massive in size.

Believe me, your dreams are achievable and the extent can only be limited by you especially when you’re conscious of God’s backing. But mind you, you have to aspire to acquire the desire you admire but if in the process you perspire, don’t retire but re-fire to acquire the desire you admire. Why? Because dreams come true!