From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout [Mexibog Destiny Show]

Bill Gates was a college dropout. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs were all college dropouts. And added to that list is a man who was a two-time college dropout. He left an office assistance job and made himself a volunteer at Fela Durotoye’s office for a no-pay position because he wanted to be closer. He was going there for the first five months without getting paid. His parents thought he was crazy but he said to himself, “this is passion” because he was looking for something.

In October 2010, he left the fantastic career job having just twenty thousand naira left in his account. He had a pregnant wife who had just left her job and a three hundred and fifty thousand naira rent that was due. At this point, he was scared because being a two-time college dropout, his career options were limited but he did something; he began to look inwards; following his passion and developing his skills. And between October 2010 and September 2011, he had made seventeen million naira.

Today, he now consults for many banks and multinationals. He is a life coach and a life strategist; one of Nigeria’s most highly-sought-after motivational speakers; a treasure to this generation; humility well packaged.

In our short video interview with him, SteveHARRIS shares from his life experience how to deal with discrimination and be damn right best at what you do. (See video above)

Nothing could be further from the truth that a degree ordinarily holds no value, only a delivery does. Perhaps your history has been written for cataclysm or you are in a valley of despondency, even in a state of exasperation, you can take a cue from SteveHARRIS and turn your life around.

From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout, it’s awesome!