Make a Difference

Imagine a little boy growing up in a third-world nation dreaming big dreams in a place where role models and mentors are difficult to come by.

He has lived his life pushing his destiny to the boundaries with the wind of God at his back.

Growing up amidst abject poverty as a young man, he refused to be sacrificed on the altar of circumstances, but made something out of his life that has now become a legend.

In spite of the significant digital divide between developed countries and upcoming ones as at early 2000s when the only access to Internet was by going to Cyber Cafes’, coupled with poor electricity supply; talking about those days when computer hardware and access to Internet was so expensive that only few people could afford; he would struggle and save money just to go to Cyber Cafe in search of information to keep pace with current trends.

Driven by passion for IT with a burning desire to affect lives positively through his creative instincts; he represented Nigeria in an ICT contest in Egypt 2004 and won the best price which in turn made him represent Africa in Jamaica same year.

In his undergraduate days, he was awarded the most-innovative student of the year.

He told some of his friends in his undergraduate days, he said, “we’ve gotten so much from life, we should be thinking of how to give back to the society” and now the rest is history.

His website is a household name in Africa particularly among young Nigerians. His inventive genius sparked the birth of one of the most visited, high traffic-driven job search websites providing employment for hundreds of thousands of Nigerians –

His evidential life amplified by his interest in public service has earned him the privilege of presently working with one of the fortune three companies in the world – Microsoft in United States because he chose to make a difference.

This therefore leaves us with a philosophical posture that when your goals in life, business or career are centered around impacting lives positively, you are ultimately bound to make a difference. I therefore dare you to make a difference. Make a difference!