The Need for Self Development

When you accept responsibility for all your abilities your sense of value increases. Life is all about adding value and you can’t add value until you grow and develop. Responsibility in literal word means responding to ability. Your level of responsibility determines your sense of worth. Someone said, if you fail, it’s your fault, if you succeed it’s your fault. While some are wise, some are otherwise. Your value will not increase until you develop. You need to come to a more advanced state in your pursuits.


If truth be told, everyone carries the world he or she will live inside of him or her. You are the creator of your world! Transformation will not happen overnight, it’s a process that requires investing your time, energy, resources and all your being. This leaves us with one non-negotiable fact that you must grow. If you refuse to grow, you have planned to groan. A youth who refuses to grow in his ability today will become a liability tomorrow. In my little life i have always hated being a liability. I have come to understand that life may not always be fair but you must deliberately, sincerely and consciously make up your mind that it must be fair to you. Of course you really can’t escape being mocked and reproached in the course of your journey for self development, but they are all part of the process. Many a tight place will lead you to the right place.


Why is growth important? Growth is necessary for fulfillment, promotion and in creating opportunities for advancement. You must be proved before you are approved. Don’t place a novice in an office if you’re after business growth. Often times we place limitation on God by our nonchalant attitude to grow. What you don’t know and pretend to know will soon become obvious.


You need time to develop; it is you who determines the time. The rate at which you develop determines the rate at which people relate with you. You fix your achievements by your advancements. Your development makes you outstanding among your mates. When you make a difference, you become a reference. It is your secret preparation that determines your public performance. Don’t think everybody is playing, you don’t know what people do at night. There are people I admire a lot in life who taught me about staying up late in the night to work. This masterpiece is a product of my late night weavings. Everyone carries deposits of treasure inside him or her but until you develop, it may never see the light of the day.


You may also ask, in what areas do I need to grow? You need to grow in the area of your relationship with God, your business, career, health, family and life in general.


How then do you stimulate growth? The first way to stimulate growth is to accept responsibility. Hugh Prather said, “When I have listened to my mistakes, I have grown”. Don’t always wait for people to do things for you. Get to work things out. No matter the state or the stage you are right now, you must accept responsibility for your actions and inactions.


Secondly, be discontented with the present. There is need for constant appraisal of your life. You have to realize that what is inside of you is greater than what you have done. There’s always more to be done.


The third step i will mention is what has held so many people on the ground. Be willing to change. To refuse to change is to remain in chains. Things are changing. We live in a changing world. You have to conform with the dynamism of time. You can’t be helped outside your will. You have to be willing.


The number four way of stimulating growth is never to stop learning. It was  Albert Einstein that said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Get exposed, be opened to new ideas; be opened to new and better ways of doing things.


The fifth thing to do to stimulate growth is learn to face challenges. You won’t know what you can do until you face challenges. I have developed a mindset never to feel perturbed nor disturbed when I see challenges because they are destiny boosters. I smile at challenges when I see them because they are opportunities for transition to the next level. If I don’t face them, I remain at the same level. Leke Alder, the famous Brand Consultant once tweeted, “Who told you it was going to be easy?! Whoever said that never started a business! Keep going! Maintain your vision.


Conclusively, if you’re in any kind of career, business, trade or profession, self development remains a non-negotiable factor for advancement and ultimately adding value to life. Schooling is periodic but self development is continuous and on-going. You need this more than anything else!