Who Are You?

The question of identity is of utmost importance; if not the most important question everyone should answer.

Microsoft is Bill Gates, Michael Dell is Dell, Apple is Steve Jobs, Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffet; so who are you?

It is quite interesting to know that most industry giants started from nothing but ended up becoming great by recognizing their uniqueness, staying focused on it and giving themselves to a cause bigger than them.

With over 7.1 billion people on earth today, there are no two individuals with the same finger prints; no, not even identical twins.

Everyone is unique. We all have our unique identities. Even if you have mentors who you pattern your life, business, career or dreams after, you are still very much unique. There is the place of mentorship but from mentorship, we still have to discover our uniqueness.

Of a truth, you can tell who you are when you consider the following indicators:

(1) Your Passion

(2) Your Dreams or Visions

(3) Your Goals

(4) Your Skills

(5) The company you keep

(6) Your Environment

(7) The Knowledge you possess

(8) Your Experience

(9) Your Beliefs

(10) Your Values

(11) Your Choices

(12) Your Actions (what you do)


Leke Alder, the famous brand consultant once said you don’t discover who you are as it were; you only come to realize who you are in the process of time. However, while it is true that things changes with time, time itself doesn’t change anything if left alone. We all have a great responsibility of realizing who we are and pursuing it with utmost commitment. Realizing who you are happens in the space of time.

Nobody will discover or realize who you are for you. Nobody! You have to do it yourself. Life is personal. If you’re expecting life to smile at you, you’re wasting time; you need to place a demand on life.

If you don’t know who you are, people will tell you what you’re not. If you don’t declare who you are, people will ask ‘who are you?’ Circumstances have painted a wrong image of so many people. Incidentally, they also have accepted this false image as true. What you don’t want, you don’t watch. If you don’t like what you see, create what you want. If you don’t like what you see, create what you can cease.

Perhaps the topic ‘Who Are You’ rings a bell in your mind with the beautifully painted cover graphics of Who are you? What are your dreams? What are your goals? What are your passions? What are your skills? As mentioned earlier, these are only possible indicators for self-realization (or call it self-discovery). However, one of the cheapest ways in realizing who you are is linking up with divinity in order to access direction for your life.

Your identity is your strength!  You should never feel inferior. Why, because who you are essentially determines where you end.