Zero Hour [Mexibog Destiny Show]

Are you at the verge of giving up? Or even at the point of committing suicide? The good news is, you are not alone! Anything you’re going through right now has happened before. Many have successfully gone through it and turned their stories as motivation for others.

Quite interesting to know that at the root of every suicide mission is the Zero-hour.  What is zero-hour, you may ask?

Your zero-hour is that point where you have tried all you know to do and things still remain indifferent. It is not strange. Everyone goes through zero-hour. You go through, you don’t stay there. Zero-hour neither has regard for color, status nor reputation. As a matter of fact, it comes when you don’t expect it. It is usually a time at which a significant event is about to take place in one’s life; a time when a vital decision or a decisive change must be made. It’s the last possible time; the darkest moments.

Whatever would be of great impact to your world would first scare you to grinch and to bow. Often times, we give up far too soon. Many give up at this stage. If only you know how close you were to breakthrough! If only you know what an impact awaits you. Sometimes you need rejection to get direction in life. From time immemorial, great leaders have always been those who emerged out of extraordinary odds. For every highflyer, pressure is inevitable.

Often times, people we call friends, close confidants disappoints, ridicules, backbites and cause us pains that we find difficult to let go. But does that mean we should stop relating with people? The answer is NO. We live in a complex world. As a matter of fact, you may be treating an enemy as a friend. There are people you call friends now who are not actually friends but are waiting for your next mistake to capitalize on them because your mistake arms your enemy to disarm you. We need to be very curious about life because most of the pains we go through in life are self-inflicted; so many of us have empowered our enemies because of our emotions.

Never blame anyone for anything that happens to you but take the blame. You also have to learn to forgive yourself of the many wrongs and mistakes you have made in life. In life, mistakes are inevitable. Our mistakes could make us look shattered, scattered, battered and even haggard. For many, life has beaten them hands down. Situations are staring them in the face telling them, surrender. Their life is a palace of disease; a schedule of failure where everything ends in futility.

A great philosopher said, circumstances do not make the man, they merely reveal him to himself. Sometimes you need to be embarrassed before you are embraced. The thickness of darkness is what promotes the glory of light.

Your zero-hour is also your time of risk. Life is all about taking risks and it is risky not to take a risk. Opportunity to be mocked is opportunity to be made. They backbiting you today because they are at your back. Your glory is in that pain, that disappointment, that rejection, that discouragement, that crisis, those trials and delays. While some take advantage of their zero-hour in converting their pains to gains, others give up and even commit suicide. Just like eggs that gets hatched to become lively birds, they all went through hatching process. So why complain about your zero-hour? You are only going through your hatching process.

Now the big question is what do you do to successfully go through your zero-hour?

  1. You must surround yourself with people who inspire you; not those who find faults in you. Your friends must be those who think like you. Make the right choice of friends. You must deliberately, sincerely and consciously choose who you relate with. You must differentiate acquaintances from friends. Your true friends will stick with you even in your darkest moments. This does not however mean they cannot disappoint you but always make the right choice of friends.

  2. Be impact-driven. Have a clearly defined goal before you and make up your mind to turn that pain to gain; to convert that insult to result. Decide to recreate your world. We need this because evidence cancels argument and life is all about result.

  3. Speak to yourself encouraging words like “It can only get better”. Make your choice for positive words. Never speak negative things about yourself because the words you speak ultimately comes back to you.

  4. Remember the God-factor. Your will power is not enough, you need God. Your zero-hour might have taken your money, friends, time, energy, resources, investments, and so on but don’t let it take your attention and focus on God for this is your greatest advantage against all odds. Note that there’s nothing you’re going through that is hid from God.